Belaidis telefonas Panasonic KX-TG2511FXT

User-friendly 1.4" dot LCD
Illuminated Keypad and LCD
One Touch Eco Mode
Hands-Free Speakerphone on Handset
50 Name and Number Phonebook
Clear Sound

Premium Quality:Universal Design, U nique Technology and Ecology

The KX-TG2511 includes 1 Handset and 1 Base Unit with integrated Charger.

The newly developed error correction system features 80 times higher precision than conventional systems, ensuring clear conversation with fewer glitches or interruptions. Even when you're out in the backyard or the garage, far away from the base unit, you'll still be able to enjoy a smooth, error-free conversation.

The handset features 1.4-inch, easy-toread LCD (16-digit x 3-line dot display) with backlight for easy operation. Thanks to amber-colour backlight, you can confirm the phone number of the caller when there's an incoming call even at night.

The hands-free speakerphone lets you talk on the phone even when you're busy cooking, cleaning, using your PC, or doing just about anything. It's also handy for taking notes, typing, etc.You can store up to 50 names and numbers in the handset's built-in memory for quick and easy access. You can store up to 50 names and numbers in the built-in-memory. You can know who is calling before you answer if you have subsribed the Caller ID service by your local telephone company: The LCD displays caller's name (requires registration in phonebook) and number.

Other features: GAP compatible, 10 Redial Memory, 5 Poliphonic Ringer Melodies, Any Key Answer, Clock, Alarm, Handset Locator, Ringer / Charger Indicator


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GAP  Compatible  
SMS  no  
SMS Log  No  
Multiple Handsets  yes  
Multiple Bases  No  
Voice Enhancer  no  
Navigation Key  no  
Joystick  no  
Illuminated Keypad  No  
Speakerphone  yes  
Headset Jack  no  
Ringer LED  no  
Redial Memory  10-Redial Memory (Number & Names*2)  
Auto Redial  no  
Mute  Y(Mute/Pause)  
Caller ID 
Caller ID Compatibility  yes  
Caller ID Log  YES  
Audible Caller ID  No  
Number of Entries  50items(Name & Number) (16characters /24digits)  
Hot-Key Dialing (Number of Entries)  no  
Number of Melodies  Y(16-chord)  
Number of Tones (Pre-installed)  10  
Download of Ringer Melodies  No  
Ringer Volume (6 steps + off)  yes  
Ringer Volume Steps  6-Step + Off  
LCD Type  Dot 16digits x 3line Monochrome  
LCD Backlight  Amber (except RU/UA/CA) *4 Blue (RU/UA/CA)  
Time & Date (Clock)  YES  
Alarm  NO  
Call Bar  NO  
Call Restriction  no  
Conference Call  yes  
Key Lock  no  
Any Key Answer  yes  
Multiple Language Display  YES  
Night Mode  no  
SMS Text Entry Method  NO  
Voice Search for Phonebook  no  
Ear Receiver Volume  4-Step  
Baby Monitor  no  
PC Connection  no  
Infrared  no  
Battery Type  Rechargeable Batteries Ni-MH (AAA*2)  
Charge Time  7Hours  
Standby Time  Up To 170-Hour Standby  
Talk Time  Up To 18-Hour Talk Time  
Base Unit 
Keypad  no  
Navigation key  no  
Phonebook  no  
LCD  no  
Ringer Tone  no  
Wall Mount  yes  
Redial / Auto Redial  no  
Caller ID 
Caller ID Compatibility  no  
Caller ID Log  no  
Flash (msec)  no  
Pause  no  
Locator or Paging  yes  
Total Recording Time  no  
2-Way Recording  no  
Screening  no  
Base Unit (mm) 
Width  98.0  
Height  54.0  
Depth  121.0  
Handset (mm) 
Width  48.0  
Height  159.0  
Depth  32.0  
Base Unit (g)  110.0  
Handset (g)  130.0  
Barkodas 5025232547326
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