Barzdaskutė Panasonic ES-SL41-A503

Panasonic Wet/DRY Men Shaver can be used for wet shaving with shaving lather even under shower or for dry shaving.
3-blades cutting system stylish and easy, new Milano design
Curved multi-fit arc shaving head foils and 30° nano-polished inner blades provides a clean, sharpe and close shave !
easy to charge and store

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Blade Material     stainless 
Number of Blades     3 
Multi-fit Arc Foil     yes 
Inner Blade Angle (deg.)     30 (Nano) 
Multi-direction pivoting head     no 
Finishing Foil     yes 
Lift Foil     no 
Movable Head     no 
Motor Speed (rpm)     7600 
Linear Motor     no 
Indicator     LED on charger 
Pop-Up Trimmer     yes 
Rechargeable     yes 
Washable     yes 
Wet and Dry     yes 
Cleaning Station     no 
turbo cleaning mode     no 
Automatic Cleaning System     no 
Switch ON/OFF lock     no 
Power Supply     RC only 
Charging Time (hours)     8 hours 
Operating Time (min)     21 
Universal Voltage     Yes (110-240V) 
Battery Type     NiMH 
General Data
Color     blue 
Standard Accessories
Travel Pouch     No 
Charging Stand     Yes 
Replacement foil     WES9087Y 
Replacement foil and blade     WES9013Y 
Inner Blade     WES9068Y

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